Ravages of Time – Special Edition (2017 Album)


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Physical CD version of “Selene – The Ravages of Time” along with a download of 18 bonus tracks

The Ravages of Time was released 23rd June 2017

Track list
1. New Era
2. The Great Heart
3. Ashes
4. Calm Before the Flame
5. Burning Bridges (Ft David Balfour)
6. If Tomorrow Never Came
7. Our Regrets
8. Kingdom
9. Wonderland
10. This Life
11. The End of Time

Special Edition – Bonus Downloads

1. The Ravages of Time (Intro Track)
2. New Era (Instrumental)
3. The Great Heart (Instrumental)
4. Ashes (Instrumental)
5. Calm Before the Flame (Instrumental)
6. Burning Bridges (Instrumental)
7. If Tomorrow Never Came (Instrumental)
8. Our Regrets (Instrumental)
9. Kingdom (Instrumental)
10. Wonderland (Instrumental)
11. This Life (Instrumental)
12. The End of Time (Instrumental)
13. Burning Bridges (Shonagh Only Demo)
14. New Era (Orchestral)
15. Ashes (Orchestral)
16. If Tomorrow Never Came (Orchestral)
17. Wonderland (Orchestral)
18. The End of Time (Orchestral)


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